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6 Benefits of Cloud-Hosted Phone Systems

From remote working and collaboration to major cost-savings, we take a look at the big benefits of cloud hosted phone systems.

Upgrading to a cloud-hosted phone system from an older on-premise solution may feel like a big step, but with the right provider, upgrading is easy. Plus, when you upgrade you unlock a whole host of new features that can benefit your business.

Here are 6 great benefits of upgrading to a cloud hosted telephone system.

Remote Working, Mobile & Softphone Apps

One of the biggest benefits of upgrading to a cloud hosted telephone system is always being able to work remotely and stay connected. Staff members can connect to the office phone system and continue using their extension number anywhere there is an active internet connection. This can be done by simply by plugging in an IP telephone handset, or using a softphone (virtual phone) app on a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Features, Features and More Features

Cloud-hosted phone systems come with heaps of great features that can make life easier for you and your team. On top of Call Hold and Transfer, you can access features like Auto Attendant, Day & Night Greetings, Personal Voicemail, Voicemail to Email and Conference Calling that help to deliver that polished, professional image. You can even integrate advanced features like call recording and reporting with ease.

Free Calls Using IP Telephony

Most providers will offer some form of free call bundle when you upgrade to a cloud-hosted phone system, saving you significant sums in the long run. These bundles usually include a set amount of free minutes to UK. Local, UK. National, and UK. Mobile numbers per month. Generally, the amount included is more than enough to cover the needs of even the most active phone users.

Keep Your Existing Numbers

The idea of upgrading your phone system and having to change your trusty business numbers is pretty off-putting. Fortunately, with a cloud-hosted system, this isn’t the case. Simply let your provider know that you want to keep your numbers and they can port them over for you, easy!

No More Physical Equipment Maintenance

Anyone with an on-premise system will know sometimes they need a little TLC in the form of maintenance! Unfortunately, these support costs often comes with a hefty price tag attached. Between repair costs and engineer call outs, your cheap and cheerful on-premise system can quickly become an expensive burden.

On the other hand, one of the benefits of cloud hosted systems is that on-site maintenance is no longer an issue. Instead of physical equipment, the system is stored within the cloud and maintained remotely, so you don’t have to fork out for expensive maintenance bills. This can help keep your monthly costs low and save you considerable sums in the long run.

Flexibility. Scale Up and Down with Ease

Modern businesses are constantly changing, growing and scaling – so a phone system needs to be able to keep up with these demands. With a cloud-hosted phone system, users can be added or removed at the click of a button giving you the flexibility to scale up and down at will. This can be hugely beneficial for periods of rapid growth or difficult times as you can easily manage users and costs.

Should I Switch to a Cloud Hosted Phone System?

In addition to the cost-savings and benefits of cloud hosted phone systems, businesses must consider the impact of the BT ISDN Switch Off. By 2025 BT will switch off ISDN and PSTN connections for good, forcing users to upgrade to IP technology if they want to continue using their phones – read more here.

Powerful & Flexible Cloud-hosted Phone Systems for Business

At Birmingham Telecom we provide cloud hosted phone system solutions to businesses in the midlands and throughout the U.K. Our scalable, flexible and efficient systems help reduce costs and improve business efficiencies.

To learn more about making the upgrade to IP, or for more information, call our friendly team today on 0121 716 8888 or email us at

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