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Information About The BT 2025 ISDN Switch Off

BT are switching off the PSTN and ISDN networks for good, starting with a cease of new supply by 2023 and moving to a full migration to IP before 2025. The BT 2025 ISDN switch off could affect thousands of businesses in the near future, especially those unaware of BT’s phasing out of ISDN technology.

If you haven’t already heard, BT are switching off the UK’s old copper telephone networks (ISDN & PSTN). This is happening in stages, starting with them no longer supplying new services from 2023 and stopping all ISDN services by 2025.

This change will affect thousands of businesses in the near future, especially those who are unaware of the changes and those businesses whose telephone systems aren’t compatible with internet telephony. The UK will move all services over to Internet telephony and replace all ISDN & PSTN services with SIP trunking and VOIP services. With the introduction of high-speed Internet access we join the rest of the world and move forward with these newer, cost effective and more flexible internet-based telephone services.

When it comes to SIP & cloud hosted phone systems, customers will not only benefit from lower line rental costs & free direct dial numbers, but they will also benefit from instant diverts & get free calls to all UK landline & mobiles numbers. How much could that save your school?

How do we prepare for the BT 2025 ISDN Switch Off ?

Ask Birmingham Telecom for a FREE audit of your business telephone system equipment and services. In Short, by 2023 you will no longer be able to order legacy ISDN or PSTN services and in real terms you have a few different options to consider.

SIP Trunking

SIP Trunking (or SIP Phone Lines) are just like traditional telephone lines however, they run over an internet connection and have no physical “box” on the wall like ISDN and PSTN.  They are however cheaper, more flexible and offer significant cost savings of up 82% against your current bills.  SIP Trunks however, need to be connected to some form of equipment just like their predecessor.  We recommend that you look at a Managed IP Telephone System which works with the SIP Phone Lines to provide you with a full solution to replace your legacy services.

Cloud Hosted Telephone System

A cloud hosted telephone system is exactly as it described.  It is essentially a full business phone system that is fully hosted and managed in a datacentre (the cloud) and functions and operates exactly the same as any phone system should.  You do not have any unnecessary equipment on the wall in your offices and these are normally charged on a “cost per extension” basis so you essentially just pay a fixed monthly amount for the number of staff you have connected to the system.

Cloud hosted phone systems are normally more cost efficient when you have under 15-20 members of staff, after which we would probably recommend looking at a 3cx telephone system which has a fixed monthly cost for the entire telephone system.

Managed IP Telephone Systems

A managed IP telephone system, such as the 3cx phone system mentioned above is more cost efficient the higher the number of users that are connected to it.  It will do the exact same job as a cloud hosted phone system charged on a “per extension” basis however, it could be cheaper and offer you a better solution if you are a larger business or if you plan to grow significantly in a short period of time.

If you currently have a traditional ISDN/PSTN telephone system then is is good practice to look into an alternative as soon as possible to ensure that your business telephone system is IP enabled and ready for when the PSTN and ISDN networks are switched off.

For businesses that plan ahead, you will find genuine cost savings of up to 82% exist which means it makes sense to consider upgrading to a VoIP based solution sooner rather than later.

Entrust Birmingham Telecom As Your Provider

Businesses will be unable to buy new phone systems that use ISDN and PSTN after 2023 and upgrading your current system to support these technologies is likely going to be a complete waste of money.  Panasonic, Samsung and a number of other high profile telephone system manufacturers have already left the market and cease to sell, support and maintain equipment they manufactured in only recent times.

If your business still currently uses a traditional ISDN/PSTN based system, then we strongly recommend discussing your options with an expert like Birmingham Telecom. Although there is plenty of time until 2025 rolls around (at the time of writing), it’s still best to plan ahead as the benefits upgrading massively outweigh any negatives.

If you are in the market and actively looking for a new telephone system and want to ensure you have something future proof, you are in the perfect place to start afresh with a managed ip telephone systems from Birmingham Telecom. With us, you can negate any needless expenditure on technology and hardware with a limited shelf life and future proof your business. 

BT phasing out ISDN will have no negative effect on you in this case and you will in fact gain a competitive advantage over your other businesses in your sector.

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