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Reduce your business line rental costs with Birmingham Telecom.

Get a FREE quotation when considering switching your existing business line rental to Birmingham Telecom. Call us on 0121 716 8888 for assistance.

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SIP Phone Lines

Helping you to manage your telecom costs >

Birmingham Telecom are one of the UK’s fastest growing providers of business telephone lines, delivering significantly savings and reduced administration as well as fully itemised billing as standard for all of our customers.

The combination of cheaper line rental, free UK calls and ease of installation make our telephone line rental service perfect for any business. We provide SIP, ISDN, and PSTN lines and work with you to advise of what type of service will work best.

You can see how much money we could save your business on calls and lines with a free bill check from one of our account managers. There is no obligation and our experienced team will quickly identify where any potential savings can be made. We also boast the most competitive tariffs on the market, which could make a big difference to your businesses phone bills.

Save up to 82% on your bills when you switch to SIP Phone Lines with Birmingham Telecom. Call us on 0121 716 8888

Simple, cost effective & scalable cloud telephone systems for your business >

Birmingham Telecom make it easy to manage your costs and simplify business operations when you take your calls and line rentals through us. We offer extremely competitive rates on line rentals and calls and we will review your existing communication costs free of charge.

We then design a package that is tailored to your business, normally offering you guaranteed costs savings for the duration of your contract with us. Thanks to our wholesale rates, we can often save you substantial amounts whilst also improving the level of support you receive.

Over the next 2 years, more than 1.2 million telephone users in the UK will move their phone services to the cloud and start to take advantage of the lower rental cost, FREE UK calls and easy access to advanced features like call logging, call recording and PC integration. We can help with this process.

Discover our calls and lines related services >

Business Line Rental

Business line rental services designed to save you money and improve your service.

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SIP Trunking

Information on SIP telephone lines and how they can help your business.

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Calls & Lines Packages

Our range of competitive call packages that enable your business to do more, for less.

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BT ISDN Switch Off

Save money and prepare for the upgrade to IP technology coming to the UK in 2025.

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Explore benefits you get when switching to Birmingham Telecom >

Birmingham Telecom aim to not only be your telecoms provider but also a business partner you can rely on, trust and with whom you can build a strong long term relationship for many years ahead.

We pride ourselves in offering world class customer service levels and as we help your business to be grow and be better we will prove to you that we are the right technology partner for your business.

Fixed price promise

We 100% guarantee that throughout the duration of your contract with us there will be no price increases.

Reduced rental.

Birmingham Telecom use our wholesale buying power to save you 82% against legacy phone lines.

Maintained by us.

We look after all of our own customers through our in-house support and provisioning team.

Transparent billing.

We prepare our bills in house and can guarantee accurate telephone bills every single month.

Switch for FREE.

You won't be charged anything when you upgrade to SIP. Everything is handled by our in house team.

Keep your numbers.

When you switch to SIP, your numbers are always safe. Our team will ensure a smooth and fast transition.

In house support team.

Our tech support is based in house so you always get to deal with the same people day in, day out.

Telecom experts.

We are experts in our field with a 99.2% customer retention rate, offering the best service at all times.

Save Money

Save up to 82% when you upgrade to SIP Trunking

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Switch to a more reliable, cheaper, UK provider

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To find out how Birmingham Telecom can help save up to 82% on your current phone bills. Call our team on 0121 716 8888 for a FREE, no obligation quote.