Custom Messaging on Hold

Remember to ask these important questions when you are considering purchasing a new telephone system for your business.

Custom Messaging on Hold is a service that uses pre-recorded messages, music and branded content to improve your callers hold experience. Instead of dial tones, beeps or silence you can play a custom message of your choice to callers while they wait.

Custom Messaging On Hold can be used for:

  • Welcome Messages and Auto Attendant Functions
  • Sales and Marketing Messages
  • Opening Hours, Updates and Important Business Information
  • Hold Music
  • Queue Updates and Waiting Times
  • Discounts and Special Offers
  • And much more

Reduce Hang-up Rates

83% of callers who are put into a queue without custom on-hold features will hang up after just 15 seconds. 36% of these people will never call back again. With Custom hold messaging you can reduce hang-up rates for your business and engage callers while they wait.

Generate New Business Opportunities for FREE

Just released a new product? Or maybe you have a special offer on right now?

Custom messaging on hold can be used to generate new sales and marketing opportunities by delivering key information about your brand directly to a captive audience. Instead of costing you money through hang-ups and frustrated customers, you can use your phone system to generate business and make money.

Professional Image & Greater Customer Service

Custom hold messaging can be used to deliver high-quality, professional customer service as well as showcasing a more polished image for your business. Smaller businesses can even use custom messaging in combination with auto-attendant features to project a larger, more professional image than may otherwise be possible.

Keep Customers Involved and Updated

Messaging on hold is an excellent tool for keeping callers and clients updated with company news and goings-on. Recordings can be used to update customers on changes to opening hours and scheduling, service delivery information, daily events and much more.

Is custom messaging on hold worthwhile?

We generally recommend that clients invest in a system capable of delivering a custom messaging on hold feature. Callers and clients appreciate the improved service levels and the additional free advertising can help turn your phone system into another revenue stream for your business.

Custom Messaging on Hold couldn’t be easier to get started with. You have the option to record your own messages or we can arrange for a professional voice artist to record them for you. We also offer a choice of on-hold music depending on what best suits your business, with a range of tracks from gentle, relaxing music to fast-paced tunes.

To learn more about messaging on hold visit our website page here or call one of our team on 0121 716 8888. We’re also available by email at

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