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Transform your guest's experience with a feature rich hotel telephone system

Take your hotel phone system to the next level. Our hosted hotel phone systems features a suite of powerful tools for unified communications and collaboration, intelligent integrations, and fully supported hardware that mobilises employees in an affordable, efficient way.

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Simple, cost effective and scalable hotel phone systems with a complete range of features >

Our hotel phone systems provide you with all of the functionality your team will ever need but without the need for expensive upfront costs for installation or the unwanted ongoing costs normally incurred for maintenance.

Our hotel phone systems provide built in features to manage your guests experience which providing significant cost savings and improved efficiency throughout your business.

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Integrate all of your business tools with CallSwitch >

CallSwitch is plug-and-play ready for integration with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM, HubSpot, Zendesk, Bullhorn, Pipedrive, and more, with new integrations coming on-stream regularly. Less common, web-based, CRMs are also catered for, offering both click-to-dial and ‘screen pop’ functionality.

We also offer voice integration with Microsoft Teams, delivering a cost-effective and resilient solution for hosted telephony in a Microsoft world.

Small Business Telephone Systems
Small Business Telephone Systems

Wake up calls, billing, room status and much more >

Allow guests to schedule wake up calls without the receptionist’s intervention. The guest simply calls the wake up service and follows the prompts to schedule a wakeup call.  At the defined time the system will call the guest and play a pre-defined message once answered. Alternatively, a wakeup call can be scheduled.

Log calls from each room and calculate the costs to guests based on the configured prices within the hotel phone system. The system can output a configurable call data record for each call. We can even customise the exact format needed to your requirements.

Also, housekeeping are able to adjust the room status via a code on the phone. The maid status is simply triggered by a call from the phone and entering a special feature code to set the status of the room.

Embedded call recording & compliance >

All of our managed IP telephone systems can be enabled for native cloud-based call recording, offering a 90-day rolling archive of calls, complete with secure cloud storage, and options for archiving.

For those operating in regulated industries who need to adhere to strict compliance requirements, such as MiFID II or PCI, we also offer our compliant, cloud-based call recording and analytics platform – Atmos, which provides advanced search and retrieval, AI-powered analytics, long-term immutable storage, and payment platform integration, delivering the ultimate telephony compliance suite.

call recording for businesses

Explore the industry-leading features you get with our hotel phone systems >

Delivered through the cloud, our fully hosted hotel phone systems brings you a full range of great features that not only work on your desk handset but also on our web portal and mobile applications meaning that you can access all your communications tools on the go.

Soft / mobile client.

Our Communicator client supports desktop (Windows & Mac), plus mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Directory services.

Maintain a global company directory of all your employees or contacts.


Dial with ease through our Communicator app wherever you see a number on-screen.

Instant messaging.

Chat with colleagues and share files instantly.


Set your presence status, so colleagues know if you’re available.

Voicemail-to-email transcription.

Instantly and automatically receive an email with a text transcription of any voicemail you receive.

Voice & video conferencing.

Collaborate with colleagues using voice and video through our Communicator app.

Screen sharing.

Share screens and panes to enhance remote meetings and collaborate better.

Integrated call recording.

Benefit from automatic call recording of all inbound and outbound calls, with 90-days secure storage included.

Compliant solutions.

Optional integration with our Atmos compliance suite ensures adherence with regulations such as MIFID II and PCI.

Cost-effective call packages.

Our simple pricing structure includes competitive call bundles, unlimited free calling between extensions, and no upfront costs.

CRM integration.

Integrate with all the other services you need to ensure employee productivity and customer satisfaction.

Advanced PBX features.

Deliver an enhanced experience for inbound calls, with IVRs, auto-attendant, call queue and on-hold music.

Simple online management.

Add new users instantly, administer changes to call flows and configure features all from a single, secure online portal.

Enterprise resilience.

Benefit from enterprise-grade voice network resilience, on a dedicated, geo-redundant platform with robust high-bandwidth infrastructure.

Seamless implementation.

Porting and provisioning carried out by our in-house UK team, with no specialist training required for users or administrators.

Endpoint flexibility.

Options for desk phones, with a wide range of supported VoIP handsets & conference devices.

Auto Attendant.

Ensure you direct your calls to the right place with an Automated Attendant.

Make and receive calls from MS Teams.

Increase employee efficiency by centralising your communications through one application with no need to ‘click out’ to make calls.

Connect seamlessly with MS Teams.

Increase employee efficiency by centralising your communications through one application with no need to ‘click out’ to make calls.

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