BT ISDN Switch Off

The BT ISDN switch off is is happening in 2025. Discover your options.

Save money and prepare for the upgrade to IP technology by 2025 with Birmingham Telecom.

BT announce the ISDN Switch Off.

BT announce the ISDN and PSTN network to be switched off by 2025

ISDN orders will be stopped in 2023 forcing an upgrade to IP

Most legacy phone systems ARE NOT compatible with VoIP or IP

Study shows that over 30,000 new users are moving to IP every month

Beat the BT ISDN
Switch Off.

BT are switching off the PSTN and ISDN networks for good, starting with a cease of new supply by 2023 and moving to a full migration to IP before 2025. 

The BT switch off could affect thousands of businesses in the near future, especially those unaware of BT’s intention to phase out of technology. Traditional phone lines are a legacy technology with high maintenance costs and many drawbacks.

In Short, before 2023 you will no longer be able to order ISDN services and by 2025 you must have totally upgraded to IP telephony to avoid interruption to your telephone services.

The BT ISDN & PSTN Network Switch Off

ISDN and PSTN services will no longer be available following BT’s decision to switch off the PSTN network in 2025.

You Must Upgrade to IP by 2025

If you have a traditional ISDN or PSTN enabled phone system then we recommend that you look into alternatives ASAP.

Future Proof your Business

IP is the future and it is here to stay. Upgrade today to save money and improve your communications.

ISDN Obsolete Before 2023

In Short, by the end of 2023 you will no longer be able to order ISDN services. Business are encouraged to upgrade to IP.

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Save up to 82% when you upgrade to SIP Telephone Lines.

SIP Phone Lines and Cloud Hosted Phone Systems are now rapidly replacing older, traditional ISDN and PSTN services. 

Our IP solutions are sold UK wide where they have proven to be ultra reliable and both cheaper and more flexible than traditional digital or analogue phone lines that are gradually being made obsolete. There is no reason why you shouldn’t consider upgrading now to maximise both savings and benefits.

Millions of people already have first-hand experience of VoIP through services like Skype which was originally created to allow free or low-cost calls to be made over the internet. Such services have grown in sophistication & reliability and are now widely used on a daily basis by UK businesses as a replacement for ISDN and PSTN.

Upgrading to SIP is more cost effective option.

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