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A dedicated account manager will always make sure that you have the most appropriate devices and applications to help your business be the best it can through increasing efficiency, productivity and profits with cost-effective business mobile solutions.

When you choose Birmingham Telecom we enable your business to be the best it can be and you can be sure that you will always be speaking to someone who understands your needs inside and out

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Birmingham Telecom offer a business tariff review service to help you the find the best deal on your mobile voice and data at a cost that fits your budget. We’re positioned to provide network-level discounts and offer total flexibility so we can find the ideal solution for your business mobile needs.

As an independent provider with direct relationships with the major mobile networks, Birmingham Telecom are positioned to offer the very best voice and data packages from leading networks.

All of our tariffs include unlimited minutes, texts and generous levels of mobile data with additional features from your chosen network, such as mobile device management. We’ll also discuss with you whether a shared data plan may be more suitable than individual user data packages and provide you with pricing accordingly.

Whether your company is small with just a few connections, or a large business where hundreds of people need to be connected, we offer an excellent service that is backed by years of expertise.


Discover low cost sim only mobile plans with favourable contract terms that allow you to get the best overall deal.



Find the best mobile deal that fits your budget. Network-level discounts with flexible terms to find you the ideal solution.



Review your business mobile costs to ensure you are getting the best deal and check whether you are overspending.



Discover the best network, airtime plan and smartphone, allowing you to work faster, smarter and more efficiently.


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Our business mobile tariffs can be custom-made to fit around your business and how it runs. 

In the first instance, you’ll talk to a member of our team who will become your one and only contact throughout your contract with us. To ensure we understand your needs, your account manager will thoroughly analyse your historical bill usage, assess your data requirements and provide you with the absolute best solution.

You will then have access to both your dedicated account manager and a named in-house member of our customer support team to ensure you can always contact us, should you need.

Choosing a phone plan to suit your business needs can be a challenge.

When you add into the mix factors such as; where you you located, how many staff you have, or how important technology is to your workforce, sorting through phone plans can seem daunting. We act as the go-between for your business and the mobile network and can therefore take away the stress and hassles of dealing with them directly.

Many small businesses simply set and forget with their current provider but this may prove a costly mistake in the long-run. Getting the best advice is always the key to finding a better deal

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