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Expert business telephone system support and maintenance services >

Our support and maintenance service takes the stress out of managing your phone system, enabling you and your team to focus on the things that matter most.

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Telephone system maintenance and support for your business >

Our Support and Maintenance Service takes the stress out of managing your phone system, enabling you and your team to focus on the things that matter most to you.

Through a combination of office-based support desks and our nationwide network of field engineers, we deliver fast and efficient phone system support for your business. Based just outside of Birmingham, we are perfectly situated to provide support and maintenance whether you’re a local single-site operation or maintain multiple locations nationwide.

Even if you didn’t buy a phone system from us, you can still benefit from our support and maintenance services. We tailor our contracts to suit your needs so whatever your requirement, we can help. For help, advice or to discuss your requirements, please get in touch with our team on 0121 716 8888.

Expert telephone system
maintenance and support >

Phone system diagnosis, repair and resolution >

We use our vast experience to diagnose, repair and resolve issues you are having with your phone system for the fastest possible result.

Offering full nationwide engineer coverage >

Our network of over 300 telephone engineers is spread across the UK where we work on systems from almost all manufacturers.

Fully dedicated UK support helpdesk >

We operate an in house UK based support and maintenance team who you can help you in the event of any issues with your phones.

We offer guaranteed service levels (SLA) >

As a professional business, we operate and offer a stringent SLA to always provide the exact level of service you need for your system.

Bring you a low cost and clear pricing model >

We offer a low cost maintenance service with clear, open & honest pricing so you will always know what we are charging.

Multiple upgrade paths when repair is not viable >

If your phone system is beyond economical repair and cannot be fixed, we offer a range of upgrade options, installed normally within 24 hours.

Why should you invest in telephone system maintenance >

Your telephone systems are the lifeblood of your business, every minute they are down you are at risk. The hidden cost of a major phone system outage will often dwarf the cost of support and maintenance.

Without access to your phones you risk missed business opportunities, frustrated customers, reduced employee productivity and more. Worst of all, if your customers can’t get hold of you, you can be sure they’ll be speaking to your competition.

Investing in Telephone System Support & Maintenance helps minimise downtime and disruption and provides peace of mind over your phone systems. We will take care of your phones enabling you and your team to focus on the matters that mean the most

National engineers with an experienced local support team >

Although local by name, Birmingham Telecom offer telephone system maintenance on a national scale, working with some of the UK’s largest independent companies whilst nurturing close customer relationships through excellent account management and customer service.

We offer leading business solutions to suit all types of organisations and with our head office based out of Coleshill in Warwickshire, we are perfectly placed to service your telephone system maintenance needs across the UK with our nationwide installation team.

Small Business Telephone Systems

Discover the benefits of choosing Birmingham Telecom as your maintainer >

Your telephone system sits at the heart of your business so when its not working correctly, this can cost your business money and means your team are not working to the best of their ability. If you hit problems then you can rely on Birmingham Telecom to get you back up and running quickly.

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Birmingham Telecom
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Entrust Birmingham Telecom as your phone system maintainer >

Frequently Asked Questions >

Birmingham Telecom are a customer focused telephone system maintainer who are experts phone system support and maintenance.

When you choose us as your expert maintenance partner, you can be rest assured that any problems you have will be resolved quickly and efficiently and at the lowest possible cost to your business.

Since our inception, we have already helped over 30,200 UK businesses which should give you the piece of mind to know we are an established business with customer care at the core of our company.

If your phone system fails then in most instances this will means that you will be unable to make or receive a call until you go through the costly task of having it repairs.

Telephone Maintenance is a small investment for any business to make however, the benefits mostly outweigh the costs as most companies cannot survive for more than a couple of weeks without telephones.

Please consider the risks before dismissing the necessity of phone system maintenance.

The price of maintenance support contracts is generally based on the cost to replace the hardware covered. Our prices start from as little as £195 per annum and include parts, labour and handset replacement as standard.

Larger phone systems will cost more to maintenance because the cost of replacement is higher, however we can always discuss the costs with you and come to an agreement to what is covered and what is left off the agreement.


We understand that every business has different needs and requirements which is why in addition to our standard service level options, we have a bespoke option which enables customers to tailor a maintenance solution to meet their individual requirements, so we can provide you with the best maintenance service options to match your needs.

  • We use a network of qualified and experienced telephone engineers based all across the UK.

    This means we can respond quickly to provide your business with a reliable maintenance service at very competitive rates. A standard contract normally gives fault reporting and engineering assistance between the hours of 9:00 and 17:30 weekdays with response times agreed for any major faults at four working hours with all parts and labour costs covered.

    When you work with Birmingham Telecom you will also only deal with a single point of contact from incident report to fix, saving you even more time and hassle in the process.

Cost savings over the life of the contract

A telephone system maintenance agreement can cost anywhere between £15 and £100 per month. Compare this with how much your business could lose should your system fail and you have no service agreement in place and the cost is negligible.

Guaranteed response times

Never have to worry about the fault taking days to fix, Birmingham Telecom will guarantee that with any major faults our engineers will be working on your problem within four working hours with all parts and labour costs covered.

Specialist Engineers

We use a network of qualified and experienced telecoms engineers across the UK.

We will ensure that the right people are on-hand to solve the problem, quickly and efficiently.


Many businesses are looking for predictability when they plan & budget for the years ahead. Knowing what maintenance costs are in advance can often be a lot easier than periods of zero costs followed by periods of high costs.

Peace of mind

A well-planned maintenance package allows for total peace of mind for business owners.

Early detection of faults can prevent major losses in business and a maintenance agreement can act as a valuable insurance policy, ensuring that minor faults don’t become major problems.

If you don’t already have a telephone system maintenance contract in place, then you may be running the risk of waiting days for your telecoms problem to be investigated and resolved.

With a maintenance package from Birmingham Telecom, it ensures you have predefined engineering response time agreed for major faults so you can avoid extended downtime which will often cost your business more in the long run.

Whilst Telephone System Maintenance is not essential, if your telephone system goes down, the disruption it can cause can have a detrimental effect on your company if not dealt with immediately.

You may be running the risk of waiting days for your telecoms problem to be investigated and resolved. This could result in, not only a loss of earnings for your business but more importantly, it can have a negative effect on how your clients view your customer service support.

With a maintenance package from Birmingham Telecom, it ensures you have predefined engineering resource available for major faults so you can avoid extended downtime which will often cost your business in lost revenues.


We have an established and proven transition process which guarantees your business is covered from the very offset. If you are switching from another provider then we can provide a cross over period to eliminate the risk of any disruption to your business, making the move a seamless customer experience.

Birmingham Telecom are able to support all your telephone systems across all your sites irrelevant of the make or manufacturer.

A common problem for many larger organisations who run off many sites is they have too many suppliers billing them for different products and services.

We are also able to provide a cost reduction exercise to establish exactly how many services you have in place and the number of suppliers you are currently dealing with. We then consolidate these into one easy and manageable service, saving you money in the process.

It is common for businesses to have a mix of phone systems across different offices / sites but this is not a problem, we can simply tailor or service to suit.

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